For Better Result Break the Pattern: Control the Process and Maximize Your Donor Relationships

Event Date: 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:30pm

Event Location: 

The Rivers Club

It’s not uncommon for us to talk to major gift fundraisers who aren’t as comfortable fundraising as they would like to be and/or struggle to differentiate themselves in a way that produces results.  This interactive presentation explores creating a low pressure way to connect with potential donors instead of traditional fund raising techniques that result in a “you chase” and “they hide” dynamic.  We’ll talk about some of the challenges non-profits face in that dance with donors and discuss counter-intuitive approaches based on the Sandler philosophy to uncover the potential donor's passions, capacity, and decision-making process for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.  

About the Presenter:

Steve Kelly is the President of Sandler Training by ExSELLyst. With 25 years of sales and management experience, combined with Sandler’s powerful programs, he’s dedicated to guiding for-profit and non-profit organizations to unparalleled success.  Steve focuses on how to build relationships with potential clients and donors and on how to stay in control of the sales and fundraising processes without being pushy or invasive.  He helps his clients be more optimistic, confident, and disciplined by creating the right attitudes, implementing the best behaviors, and leveraging innovative techniques for selling and fund raising.