Leave a Legacy

LEAVE A LEGACY® is a community-based program to help people learn about charitable giving through a will or from an estate. LEAVE A LEGACY® does NOT solicit gifts for any particular organization. Instead, the program is a cooperative effort of all types of nonprofit groups including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals, educational institutions and other philanthropic groups.

Dear PPGC member:

The Board of PPGC has renewed support for member-organizations which choose to place print advertisements using the ‘Leave a Legacy’ brand. New this year is the availability of the subsidy for on-line advertising. This includes but is not limited to on-line platforms of traditional print newspapers and local ‘shoppers’, and e.g. Facebook ads. The Board recognizes that while these ad rates are generally very affordable, some organizations might need to engage a freelance designer or firm to develop their ad. Therefore, we will allow these costs to be factored into a participating organization’s total cost, against which the PPGC subsidy would be calculated.

Promoting the ‘Leave A Legacy’ message has been an initiative of PPGC for many years; we continue to see this as a natural outgrowth of our mission and an opportunity to provide another meaningful benefit to our members. Our objective is to assist your organization’s outreach to prospective donors while also encouraging the general public to consider charitable giving through their estate.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Participating organizations must include the ‘Leave A Legacy’ brand artwork in their ad to qualify for the Council subsidy.  Your organization may choose which publication or platform is most effective.
  2. In order to realize the greatest impact of the Leave a Legacy theme, we recommend that ads be placed in a November or fourth quarter printing, which will coincide with National Philanthropy Day on November 15.
  3. PPGC’s subsidy will be determined based on the budget size of the member organization:

Organization Budget Size                   PPGC Pays:                       
<$1 M                                                   80% (maximum of $1,010)
$1M-$2.9M                                          60% (maximum of  $760)
$3M-$4.9M                                          40% (maximum of $510)
$5M+                                                    20% (maximum of $260)
I hope your organization will want to participate and that you will have enough lead time to carve out the cost of an ad.  Before then if you have any questions please contact Jim Sismour at sjim@pitt.edu. Thank you for all your efforts to promote philanthropy and in particular, charitable gift planning!
Nick Gigante
President, PPGC