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How Nonprofits Use Marketing Automation To Personalize Donor Experiences At Scale - Presented by Erik Tomalis

September 29, 2023 2:30 PM | Anonymous

You (and your donors) now live in a world of continuous change, fast-paced innovation, and hyper-connectivity. We're always-on, can get anything on-demand, and benefit from personalized experiences everywhere.

Netflix lets you binge the latest season from the bathroom stall, the commute to work, at 10:30 in bed. Apple & Quartz curate the latest news you had to see and let you discover new stories you love. Stitch Fix sends the perfect workout and work day outfit recommendations. REI suggests camping stoves, hiking pants, and a sleeping bag fit for your climate just in-time for the fall camping season. Amazon delivers that latest book same-day. DoorDash delivers sushi rolls you had to have for lunch. Chewy ensures Duke never runs out of dog food.

On the contrary, most nonprofits still run 3-4 fundraising campaigns a year, host a handful of donor events, and send an annual report and a quarterly newsletter. Each is fueled by the organizations'needs and timeline.

Donor's live in a real-time, personalized world. Yet, nonprofits ignore this and rely on analog, fix fundraising strategies. Why the disconnect? In this session, we'll release you from the rusty handcuffs of analog fundraising strategies and showcase how modern nonprofits are using marketing automation, AI, and predictive donor journeys to hyper-personalize each donor's experience.

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