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Non-Profit Effectiveness and Funding Equity - Presented by Daniel Jackson, Juliette Smith & Kristin Walker- PACE

September 29, 2023 11:30 AM | Anonymous

5 years ago PACE acted on our growing concern over the lack of significant improvement in the health, vitality and well-being of the vulnerable communities throughout our region by commissioning data scientist Pete York of BCT Partners to examine the links between nonprofit effectiveness and the health of the communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The results of this Non-Profit Effectiveness Study were eye-opening and have far reaching implications for non-profit leaders, policy makers, potential non-profit start-ups, funders, and fundraisers.

How does funding inequity affect communities of color? How "effective" is the non-profit for whom you are fundraising? What can a fundraising professional do to assist their non-profit in building capacity? This session is designed to shed light on the issues of non-profit effectiveness resulting from a lack of capacity building, inequitable foundation & government funding trends, and the overall impact on communities of color.

Presenters will describe the Non-Profit Effectiveness Study, its implications for development/fundraising professionals, and demo the Equitable Impact Platform (EquIP) - a Mapping Tool illustrating Regional Indicators of Community and Non-profit Well-being.

Speaker Bios
Daniel Jackson, Juliette Smith & Kristin Walker- PACE

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